what scares some people

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what scares some people

Post by janhostdk »

Is when they have tried Linux and they give up for some reason, they have to struggle to get other systems to work on their harddisk again.

considering im only a plumber i got to this:
Linux makes block size 512 (ubuntu, windows and ? uses block size 2048) when they install on your harddisk

suitable dd commands does'nt seem to work, gparted doesnt seem to work

Is there a foolproof way to do it ?

even better:
Could there be made a simple tool to erase the part of the harddisk that format and patitioning does'nt touch ?

In my converting from windows to linux i used fdisk /mbr in a dos prompt to get the job done.
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Re: what scares some people

Post by deepakdeshp »

If you boot from a live usb the whole disk can be formatted. But it is not required as g parted can delete whichever partitions you don't need. Usually the user need not bother about mbr as the os will install boot loader and manage it.
Every system has got an install procedure. Follow it and there is no trouble.only if you are going for dual boot you may have to consider multiple things

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