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Put More of a Focus on People Who Can't Use Mint 18

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:46 pm
by happydog500
I know this will not be popular, and may lead to a lot of criticism, I just wanted to remind us here, that we have a huge chunk of computer users who can't use Mint 18.

I'm talking about the amd/gpu, amd- radeon ATI people who have blank screens. I realize part of the reason is amd, but if I had a distro and found on the Internet that people can't even use Mint 18, I'd make that a focus.

Not complaining about other posts, but from a person who can't use Mint 18, seems kind of sad for me to hear complaints about (just illustrations) "I don't like the clock." Or, 'I don't like the icons." Man, your killing me. I can't even use it.

Please, I know it's harder and more complicated and proprietary, then to just post this, but if I had a distro, and found a portion of the public couldn't use it, I'd call "all hands on deck" (something that you say when everyone's help is needed, especially to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed) and try and figure out a way to get it working.

After the Mint community gets these old users back up, then focus on other little problems.

Like I said, I figure I'll get criticized for this, people saying I don't understand, it's not Mints fault, or that if I want it done, why don't I do it. Just wanted to remind others that a whole section of Linux users can't even use the Mint 18 yet.

I was thinking of posting on, offering $20 to a distro of your choice, if anyone cold get it to work, but realized that it could be a combination of people, and not have it clear who solved it.

I'd put a focused, effort to make it usable for ATI people who have blank screens.

Sorry if I made anyone mad.

Thank you,

Re: Put More of a Focus on People Who Can't Use Mint 18

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:27 pm
by trytip
i got a black screen after updating pclinuxos and had to leave it. i tried a new months later and it install fine but after updates i get a black screen which is due to nvidia from what i hear. i didn't want to spend the time to see if i can get it fixed or not. granted my pc is older but i shouldn't have to see a black screen in 2016 from any distro. it should detect my hardware and not install any updates that could cause harm

a few days ago my arch install got an unrecoverable kernel panic because it decided to update to kernel 4.8.4 and i didn't have another kernel installed to boot from, so i had it and deleted it. i'm wondering if reinstalling arch and updating will also give me another kernel panic but i'm tired of re-installing

hope my linux mint mate 17.3 will live out untill the EOL cause i'm not upgrading to 18