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curlybracket chris
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Linux Mint Donation Page Features

Post by curlybracket chris »

Greetings, I just started donating this year and am finding it quite satisfying. Of course, the folks who donate their skills contribute even more and I hope to join them when mine a bit sharper.

I'm posting here to say that I check regularly to see if the year-by-year monthly donation bar graph has been updated. Most of 2016 has seen record monthly donations and I get a kick out of being part of it. I just saw that December donations are running a bit behind those from December 2015, and my jolly holiday spirit prompted me to make another donation.

Most users understand that one or two hundred thousand dollars a year may not cover even basic support for the Mint project. Maintaining kernels, distributing updates, and tech support are high-skill activities that don't come cheap. There must be plenty of good ideas for improving the Mint operating system and project outreach that are waiting for funding.

If I think of a new feature or have an idea to improve an existing feature on the Donation Page, with the Moderator's concurrence I will post it under this topic. The only one that comes to mind is to add a smaller bar graph of annual donations going back to the beginning of the project so donors know they are helping to best all historical contributions.

We don't admit to it but we donors are a pompous lot at heart, constantly wondering "qui est le plus charitable?" The additional expense of the historical bar graph would only be wah-fer theen (wafer thin for non-Pythonites).

Posting donations and providing the bar graph in its current format on the Donations Page were both excellent ideas, and well worth the effort for fund raising. I sent my niece and nephews desktop PC's for Christmas gifts this year, and Sarah (Linux Mint 18) has been installed on all of them. Le plus charitable, c'est moi. Keep up the great work and the excellent operating system! -Curly

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