Please Allow additional modification of Launcher for Scripts

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Please Allow additional modification of Launcher for Scripts

Post by amethyst_igor »

Background: I am running Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.1 with all updates applied as of 12/25/2016. It is rather nice in most respects. :D

I use a complicated script file,, to play one of my games, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Like any script file, it needs to run in a terminal. If I create the launcher a-fresh, I can indeed specify this. If I create the launcher, but forgot to click on [ ] Run in Terminal, then nevermore can I modify that particular setting. The option disappears! It seems to be a one-time only deal. Thus, I have to delete the shortcut and start over. This seems to me to be a bug in Cinnamon. I finally found one!

I would like to see in Cinnamon:
1. The ability to specify Run in Terminal for a shortcut at all times
2. The ability to specify Maximize (or Minimize) window on a Launcher, as in Windows
3. Bash or gnome-terminal as an available application on the list of apps

Just a suggestion to make life a bit easier for script users and writers. We use scripts to make life easier, and if we get slowed down by the desktop environment...
I run both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 18 in dual boot with two SSDs and have other rigs running various versions of Linux. My blog.

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