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Sound applet changes suggestions

Post by nilpix »

Hi guys,

I found some thing that could be improved in applets UX. I'm using Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon version.

1- For example, I'm using Hangouts Chrome app and I receive a message, then without check the new message, I want to access to sound options and I click in the sound applet (image attached). The sound applet is under the message but the action to open the applet was after receiving the message. I think that sound applet should be over the message. Also happen that I couldn't close the message pop-up because represents that I am interacting with the applet and I have to close the applet and then, close the message pop-up.

2- Another issue is when I try to use keyboard shortcuts after the applet has been opened. For example, I can't switch between Workspaces or with applications with (Alt + Tab). i think that the common shortcuts should be working here.

Nothing else, great job with Linux Mint! Thank you all! :)

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