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Cinnamon Recent Files improvement

Post by gtmaskall »

Could Recent Files implement some form of grouping by file type and/or pinning?

I feel dirty for comparing to Windows, but in Windows 7 recent files are grouped by their application; I can always easily open a recent excel file even if I've been reviewing a lot of images. In Cinnamon, that long list of image filenames I looked at today will push off the libreoffice files I was using yesterday (and want to revisit today). In Windows, they're grouped by application, so I can always go Start | Microsoft Office Excel 2007 | <files>. I also find really useful the ability to pin a filename so it is always in the list (at the top).

I'm current running Mint 17.3 and haven't run 18.x yet, but I don't see this change in behaviour in the release notes. Apologies if it has changed.


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