Develop a GUI tool for Windows VM with VGA passthrough

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Develop a GUI tool for Windows VM with VGA passthrough

Post by Bender72 »

As the end of Windows 7 extended support in 2020 slowly but inevitably approaches, more and more long-time Windows users who are opposed to Windows 10 for various reasons are thinking of Life After Windows. That's a big opportunity for Linux to make some inroads on the desktop.

For many though, pure Linux is not going to be the answer because there are some Windows programs (which may include games) they can't or won't live without. Virtualization (Linux host + guest Windows 7) with VGA passthrough is a very attractive option for them- if they can get it to work.

That's a big if. It's fair to say, and I intend no offense, that a linux rookie would be scared away by powerhouse's guide

on how to set up KVM with VGA passthrough.

My suggestion is to create a GUI tool for setting up a virtual Windows installation with VGA passthrough.
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