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Bullet proof Mint

Post by Roland007 »

Having experienced a cinnamon crash, I couldnt recover from, I can imagine a set of solutions that form a bullet-proof solution for Linux Mint.

Cinnamon related:
  • After install, create a snapshot from all files related to cinnamon. If cinnamon crashes, a simple terminal command, can wipe all (global and user) cinnamon settings and restore the initial settings.
  • offer the user the possibility to create/remove snapshots when/he she wants, but do not offer the user an easy possibility to remove the initial snapshot
- distribution related
  • create a compressed archive of the installed system. If the system crashes beyond repair, usually the bootloader still exists. Reinstall is wipe-everything accept the partition that has the compressed image
  • allow installing Linux mint in a loop device, This way a user can install multiple flavors without mixing different environments like KDE, Cinnamon, Mate etc.

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Re: Bullet proof Mint

Post by austin.texas »

The "snapshot" is pretty easy.
Boot your live Mint USB.
Install fsarchiver:

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sudo apt-get install fsarchiver
CD to the backup location.
Create your "snapshot" archive file (for sda3, for example):

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sudo fsarchiver savefs -vj3z7 LM18Cinn.fsa /dev/sda3
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Re: Bullet proof Mint

Post by Cosmo. »

Regarding to restore Cinnamon default settings: Simply right click the panel (empty place) -> trouble shooting -> reset everything to default. Another way would be to delete the folders ~/.config/dconf and ~/.cinnamon, log off and back into the account. No need for an initial snapshot.

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