Consider replacing VLC with SMPlayer in Linux Mint 18.2

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Re: Consider replacing VLC with SMPlayer in Linux Mint 18.2

Post by DGMurdockIII »

SMplayer is nothing more that a MPlayer frontend they haven't added much in the way of new stuff besides keeping there MPlayer backend updated but vlc on the other hand is still adding new stuff and evolving they have a iphone and Android app as well that is constantly getting better
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Re: Consider replacing VLC with SMPlayer in Linux Mint 18.2

Post by FrostyRussian »

Well i have not used SMPlayer but im an advanced VLC user and i will talk only about VLC. Here are my pros and cons.

- Not so good looking (skin is kind of awful and finding a good looking and functional is harder then it seems)
- Not meant to be music player (it can play music and playlists but its not good enough)
- Many options in order to customize everything.

+ Many options in order to customize everything. :D
+ Plays anything you throw at it without additional codec's packs
+ Plays incomplete and damaged files and reconstructs index (for example can be used in combination with qBitTorrent sequential download to play video while it downloads)
+ Track's syncing (starting from subtitles with video) is piece of cake, and there is option to search subtitles online, download them and load on current video file.
+ Many video output options, from aspect ratio and cropping to output device and technology used for rendering (like 2d, opengl or directx)
+ Recording output (audio and/or video) and taking snapshots (images).
+ Video capture
+ Converting (anything to anything)
+ Playing media files and streams from network
+ Broadcasting, video on demand and anything else you imagine...

There are many other things like effects, post processing (while playing), hardware acceleration and muc, much, more...But i wont use it as pros because they are way to advanced options for most people.
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