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Brasero Burner

Post by JohnH »


I would like to see Brasero included in Casandra. It is a straignforward burner, that has a fantastic feature of being able to drag from Navigator into the burner. You can "select all" ant drag the whole list of songs.

Just a suggestion,


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Post by hairy_Palms »

seconded, this is the most user friendly burning app ever.

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Post by kanishka »

I agree, it's the only one for me that "just works" :wink:

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Post by NiksaVel »

I've been using it for awhile, but eventually switched to k3b... it has all the features and than some... it works in pretty much the same way, but it also has the build in videocd or videodvd creation sessions, giving it the complete functionality of nero...
I'd prefer to see k3b by default
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Post by exploder »

Another vote for Brasero. Looks and works great!

K3b has a habit of breaking every other release, at least that has been my experience.

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Post by Husse »

Well I use Brasero and find it excellent
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Post by 9812713 »

( Sorry )

I re-request this at post ..

- Wil.

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Brasero in Linux Mint

Post by Marcelo »


I request Brasero in the next version of Mint 8) !

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Post by OU812 »

I would like to see k3b as the default app in the kde distro, and brasero the default app in xfce and perhaps gnome.


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