Time Machine/System Restore alternative

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Time Machine/System Restore alternative

Post by chrisuk » Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:30 am

I noticed in the Roadmap that a replacement/improvement for Mint Backup was mentioned - notably a Time Machine/System Restore equivalent. Being a long-time Timeshift user, I'd obviously recommend it to be added to Mint, as it's identical in function to the aforementioned Apple and Windows programs.

However, there's another option... I think Timeshift and Backintime are/was based on Flyback, which is no longer actively developed - so how about forking it to Mint?

It's coded in Python, so fits in with the rest of Mint's tools - all of the core functionality is there, including Scheduled Backups - the GUI maybe needs redesigning/tweaking; but the program works OK as is already. Oh, the source code is available for download: version 0.5.0-2 is the latest.

Anyway, just a thought.

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