Single instance applications

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Single instance applications

Post by endusermint » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:50 pm

It seems to me that getting impatient with a slow loading app, or just clicking fast (race conditions?) can cause me to open multiple instances of the same app (stacked visually in the same spot so I am unaware how many openings have occoured) : This seems to be related to the fact that some failed launches simply drop after the wheel spin without specifying why.

My suggestions are: Make a means for certain apps (user chosen) to be foregrounded and single instance (upon user discretion) so I cant have 33 skypes open even when I want five firefoxes


If the wheel spin icon drops or crashes how about an auto log load feature (make failpoint pop up in a terminal with the reason it failed)

When the wheel just drops dead and I know the terminal can tell me more I often wonder why they wont just auto popup the log file of the drop

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