Update manager single window (i.e. not multiple popups)

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Update manager single window (i.e. not multiple popups)

Post by noedig » Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:43 am

I would love to have the update manager in a single window mode when installing, such that there aren't continuous new popup windows (download window, install progress window, etc). When doing something else while installing updates in the background it could sometimes happen that a new popup window steals focus.

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Re: Update manager single window (i.e. not multiple popups)

Post by jimallyn » Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:01 pm

Well, I'm sure this is not the answer you are looking for, but all the source code for mintupdate can be found in /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate. You'd have to find every place in the code that it pops up another window and change the code so it does something else instead. I once figured out for somebody how to make a minor change in the code; this, I suspect would be a bit more difficult. See this thread:


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