Could APNG support be added to xviewer and PIX?

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Could APNG support be added to xviewer and PIX?

Post by hobbledehoy899 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:04 pm

The reason why I request this is that I find it silly that my web browser (and the vast majority of others as well) can play APNG files just fine but my dedicate image viewer cannot.

Here's an example APNG file. Image

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Re: Could APNG support be added to xviewer and PIX?

Post by xenopeek » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:43 am

I think this is a larger issue on Linux as for example GIMP also doesn't show the animation or animation frames of apng files without an external plugin (

There are found a bunch of tools in the software repository to let you work with apng files but I haven't found image viewers or editors (in a short search) that support apng:
  • apng2gif: tool for converting APNG images to animated GIF format
  • apngasm: assemble APNG animation from PNG/TGA image sequence
  • apngdis: deconstruct APNG file into a sequence of PNG frames
  • apngopt: optimize APNG animated images
  • gif2apng: tool for converting animated GIF images to APNG format
As per the forum rules above, this really is something to request from the developers of these programs directly. The GitHub links where you can post a feature request:

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