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Forum enhancement request: Site Map

Post by markfilipak »

I have an enhancement request for the Forum.

I want a Site Map... a flat (non-hierarchical) Site Map.

Lately, when I go to sites, I go straight to the Site Map and use the browser's search function to find keywords that give clues to where I want to go. It has become my preferred form of site navigation.

I think this forum would be well served by a flat Site Map.

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Re: Forum enhancement request: Site Map

Post by xenopeek »

Important Notices
    Rules & Notices
    Releases & Announcements
Main Edition Support
    Newbie Questions
    Installation & Boot
    Software & Applications
    Hardware Support
        Mounting Partitions
        Printers & Scanners
        Graphic Cards & Monitors
        Other networking topics
    Desktops & Window Managers
    Other topics
    Non-technical Questions
    Sound, Multimedia, & Codecs
Debian Edition Support
    LMDE 2 Forums
        Newbie Questions
        Installation & Boot
        Software & Applications
        Hardware Support
        Other Topics & Open Discussion
Personalize and Customize Linux Mint
    Themes, Icons, & Wallpaper
        Desktop Screenshots
    Compiz, Conky, Docks, & Widgets
    Scripts & Bash
    Introduce yourself
    Chat about Linux Mint
        About Mint Editions
    Chat about Linux
    Open chat
    Gaming on Linux Mint
    Community Projects
    Suggestions & New Ideas
    Français (French)
    Deutsch (German)
    Italiano (Italian)
    Español (Spanish)
    Other Languages
        Български (Bulgarian)
        Nederlands (Dutch)
        Suomi (Finnish)
        Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
        فارسی (Persian)
        Polski (Polish)
        Português (Portuguese)
        Русский (Russian)
        українська мова (Ukrainian)

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