Make terminal easier with few tricks.

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Make terminal easier with few tricks.

Post by IUseLinucCusIsFree »

Well hello people.
We all know linux mint is about to be the most user friendly distro ever.
Well as we know sometimes you need to use terminal if you want to do some crazy stuff. And there is my suggestion.

Give some few special additional handy dandy things to terminal.

1. "Command buttons"
Well what i mean, we can put buttons console with some buttons. And these buttons on click put on terminal preprogrammed commands. Maybe some useful ones like mv, sudo or some fun ones like cmatrix, sl or screenfetch. I hope you catch the point.

2. Easy file path maker
This options lets you to open file browser, then you select folder/file and then this automatically puts choosen file/folder path on command line. It will be useful with previous mv button.

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Re: Make terminal easier with few tricks.

Post by fabien85 »

For 2. there is this thing at least in cinnamon's file manager that you can put a button "Open a terminal in the active folder" in the toolbar. So you can navigate to the directory you want with the file manager and then open a terminal there. This is super useful (at least to me) and seems to answer your need.

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Re: Make terminal easier with few tricks.

Post by BenTrabetere »

Have you considered using Midnight Commander? You get a file manager (Item 2) with access to the command line, and hotkeys for some common commands (Item 1).

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