Chat channels for other languages?

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Chat channels for other languages?

Post by revian » Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:16 pm

One of the main support methods is via IRC on SpotChat. This is a good thing, but I have an idea that I feel would benefit the Mint community.

The main help channel for Mint is #linuxmint-help. I would like to see official channels in other languages to ease participation for people in other countries.

Other channels could be set up, such as:
#linuxmint-help-cn - for Chinese speaking users
#linuxmint-help-dn - for German speaking users
#linuxmint-help-es - for Spanish speaking users

I'm not fully aware of the two letter codes for other languages, but this idea seems like it would benefit those who don't speak English.
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Re: Chat channels for other languages?

Post by xenopeek » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:34 pm

There are already IRC channels in other languages from the local communities of Linux Mint users. There are unofficial channels for at least German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian and Polish speakers. See While English is the primary language on the official IRC channels, all languages are welcome. Many of the users are bilingual (or more) and can help others in other languages. Operators and users may at times also use automatic translation to help people, even if just to point them to a channel with their native language if there currently is nobody active that speaks their language.

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