Slight modification to Nemo

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Slight modification to Nemo

Post by tovian » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:46 pm

KDE's Dolphin has the most useful feature I've ever found in a file-manager: the SPLIT-view feature where you can display two separate "trees" side-by-side. I liked this so much I tried several thrid-party file-managers on the Windows side to see if any had the feature (some yes, but none as "tidy" as Dolphin).

After I found out that Mint is going to quit producing Mint-KDE Distro's I decided to have a go with Cinnamon. One of my first tasks was to see if the "native" file-manager (Nemo) had the split-view feature. IT DOES !! But, sadly, it does not have a toolbar button (default or optional) to invoke the feature. One must either perform a series of clicks, or get their finger (out of whatever it's in) and hit the F3 key.

If it's not a lot of trouble it would be a "major enhancement" to put (or allow the user to put) a "SPLIT-view" button/icon on the Nemo toolbar.


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Re: Slight modification to Nemo

Post by smurphos » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:08 am


Also a preferences option to open Nemo in dual pane mode as default.

Edit - oops - that preference option is already there in Nemo 3.6.5..... :oops:
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