LVM / resizing option during install....

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LVM / resizing option during install....

Post by Gaytan » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:23 am

Hi again,

Got a question / dilemma about the ability to choose for LVM during installation.

During installation the kind question is asked if you're interested (here graphic screen) in resizing your partition(s) later (eventually), which can be answered swiftly by 'ticking' the box to use LVM.
What is not told, that resizing of partition(s) later on takes a lot of terminal command, procedures etc, to actually resize partitions. I would have taught that just resizing by means of eg GParted, would be enough but appearantly this goes way further....

When ticking a box (graphically) like LVM during boot, that gave me the impression I would find back a graphical tool with gui that would enable me to resize my partitions..... If resizing is such dangeours, procedural work, isn't it better to leave it out during installation? I think it gives the wrong impression to noobs and medium users like myself, this can easily be performed afterwards.....


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