Equalizer and Torrent client

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Equalizer and Torrent client

Post by FrostyRussian »

1. Include system wide equalizer in mint by default (im using Pulse Audio 2.7 without any problems on my 18.3 cinnamon i686), also including it in Sound Settings window as a new tab would be nice.

2. Replacing transmission with a more traditional and more powerful torrent software. While Transmission is very lightweight and clean im sure that anyone who uses torrent client expects and needs more. I would like to suggest qBitTorrent or at least Deluge. Why qBitTorrent? Sequential downloads, download first and last part before any else and in combination with VLC you can watch movie/video right away (VLC is able to play damaged/uncomplete videos). Then there are torrents and file priorities, file's list and info about them, web interface if enabled by user and much that i could be pointing out whole day.
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Re: Equalizer and Torrent client

Post by rado84 »

1a: make an option to disable the system wide equalizer and we have a deal. ;)
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