Suggestion about keyrings in Mint 19

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Suggestion about keyrings in Mint 19

Post by rado84 » Tue May 15, 2018 5:44 am

Can you please make an option in the installer of Mint 19 for the user to completely disable all kinds of keyrings? I wanna use autologin in all websites where they have it and it's really annoying to have to type user and password every time I open the browser, not to mention the stupid thing for having to enter my user password before the browser starts. I'm the only one who uses my computer, so I have no use of these stupid keyrings.

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Re: Suggestion about keyrings in Mint 19

Post by xenopeek » Tue May 15, 2018 7:11 am

This is specifically about automatic login and Google Chrome/Chromium session keyring used to store passwords. There are various workarounds on the web for Google Chrome/Chromium session keyring use and automatic login causing this prompt. It's Google Chrome/Chromium that create the session keyring so the solution should be sought there.

Possible solution is to close that web browser and open Passwords & Keys (seahorse) and delete Google Chrome/Chromium entries under Login. Then open Google Chrome/Chromium and it should ask you to set a password on the keyring, because -- again -- it is Google Chrome/Chromium that creates this. People have suggested to leave it blank (press enter) or use same password as on your account. I don't know which will work. Close the browser and open it again and it should ask you one more time but not again. At least these are the solutions I've seen from other users. Though ... out-giving gives the only "solutions" to learn to live with it, disable Google Chrome/Chromium from saving passwords, or disable auto login.

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