[suggestion] New wifi connection not automatically connect by default

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[suggestion] New wifi connection not automatically connect by default

Post by vansloneker »

Whenever I connect to a new wifi network, it is without asking set as Automatically connect to this network when it is available. Personally, I don't want this. At least in Windows when connecting to a network, they give you the option to tick for auto connect.

It is my opinion new wifi networks should not be set to auto connect without express consent.
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Re: [suggestion] New wifi connection not automatically connect by default

Post by Pjotr »

Well, I like that default setting.... And if you don't like it: it's easy to disable it in the settings of Network Manager. :)

Default settings are always a compromise. What do most users probably want? It's almost impossible to find default settings that everybody likes. Especially for us stubborn individualistic Linux users....
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