Nemo - File Search Slight Bug

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Nemo - File Search Slight Bug

Post by Questions1010 »

Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon (64Bit)
(Apologize, not sure if this has been fixed in newer versions)

When in Nemo, if you select the "Search" icon or hit Ctrl + F and do a search, when you click on the "Search" icon again to get out of the search mode, when it comes out of the search mode it for some reason zooms out. You can then fix it by holding the Ctrl button and scrolling up with your mouse scroll wheel to get the zoom back. Sometimes when you do this and you try to search again, the search results view will be zoomed in one step making text appear larger.

Hopefully this makes sense.
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Re: Nemo - File Search Slight Bug

Post by xenopeek »

I zoomed in with ctrl+scrollwheel. Clicking search icon and clicking it again doesn't change zoom level. Tested on Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon.

Please always test with latest version before submitting bugs. And no, the suggestion & new ideas isn't the place to report bugs :) Bugs for Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon should be reported on the blog while it is in beta. After a final release is done you can report bugs for Nemo Go through the troubleshooting guide https://linuxmint-troubleshooting-guide ... en/latest/ before reporting a bug to make sure you do have a bug, can reproduce it and indeed Nemo is the problem. You can ask for help in the support section of this forum for help with troubleshooting issues to determine if it is a bug or not.
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