Nemo File Sort: reserve characters for sorting first and last

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Nemo File Sort: reserve characters for sorting first and last

Post by ajhmint » Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:19 pm


I don't usually have a requirement for file and folder sorting, so I have left Nemo at the default of sorting "By Name" and worked with that. However, I have found that when using a "Save As..." or "Open file" list dialogue called by applications like Firefox and LibreOffice, some frequently used subdirectories would be easier to get to if they came first. With command line ls output, certain leading characters can make the item sort first or last, rather than the rest of the files with leading alphanumeric characters.

I tried and, Nemo ignores special leading characters, maintaining the alphabetical sorting. Actually I found by trying all the symbols on my keyboard that a folder or file beginning with the "#" symbol will cause the file or folder to be listed last. Now I hope that is treated as a feature, not an accidentally omitted symbol.

There does not seem to be any other character which is treated specially by Nemo when sorting. I would like to see a special character reserved for sorting folders and files ahead of all other filenames, in the same way that "#" causes them to be sorted last. I have no idea what would be sensible, but I guess choosing a symbol that is already treated specially by other common file managers and tools which list files would make it more intuitive for users who previously used it for this purpose.

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Re: Nemo File Sort: reserve characters for sorting first and last

Post by AZgl1500 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:23 pm

I have used the old _keepItOnTop
file naming when in Windoze...

but alas, with NEMO, it ends up in the middle of all of the 'K' characters as you said.
the preceding characters are deleted, and this, to me, is a sin... it should not be that way.

so, the only way I can keep the house in order, is to use "Modified Time" and sort in Newest to Oldest.

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