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Post by BBrice »

Three recurrent problems that i have encountered during several Linux Mint installations (sorry for my english :oops:) :

- On the mp3 screen a popup is opening for the UEFI compatibility, there is two buttons, 'come back' and 'continue in UEFI'.
With the second the installer crash when Grub has to be installed, and with the first, which is the right choice, the installer close the popup and automatically continue the installation. This way is totally ambiguous, i don't know what is my choice. :?
- The keyboard layout can be selected only after the partitions, but if you select 'other thing' (at each time for me) and define a mounting point that is not listed you have need of the good layout, thus the layout keyboard should be selected before the partitions screen.
- The last minor problem is that the popups width is equal to the screen width, obviously it's too much big. ^^
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