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Some great tools to add...

Postby pashabear » Mon May 28, 2007 11:50 am

Sorry for reposting, but I think I put this in the wrong place (Software for Cassandra/Administration)

I have a couple suggestions for additions to Linux Mint's great repertoire of apps & utils. I've been distro hopping again, currently have PCLinuxOS 2007 installed while I'm waiting for Cassandra. There are a couple things in this distro I love, and really hope Mint can use.

The first of these is the Add Printer wizard. While running it pops up a window with a "Printerdrake" title, I assume this means it came from the Mandriva distro PCLOS is based on. Sorry, I don't know how to find out the exact details. Anyway, this wizard rocks! It's the only printer setup in any distro I've tried (and I've tried quite a few) that quickly and easily set up my HP LaserJet 1020, automatically downloading the necessary bits from the internet and installing perfectly. I've fought with this printer in various *buntu distros, without any satisfaction.

The second utility I'd like to see is the font manager. It has a great feature, a button labeled "Get Windows Fonts" which will import all the fonts from an existing Windows install on your machine. I know you can do various things with the core fonts package etc, but this is such a neat & tidy way of having the same fonts on both installs of a dual-boot machine, without any downloading etc.

I'm not wanting to start a flame war or discussion of merits/drawbacks of distros, but just to see the best tools available!

Thanks to Clem and all for your work on this great distro.

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