Cinnamon 4.0.2 Issues

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Cinnamon 4.0.2 Issues

Post by arobertson1 »

Cinnamon 4.0.2 breaks the Xpad ( window decorations. It appears to be an incompatibility with Muffin 4.0.2. Reverting to Muffin 3.8.3 fixes this. Minimising and maximising Xpad will crash the Cinnamon session.

Cinnamon-themes 1.7.4 on a desktop makes the icons on the right look huge when compared to the icons on the left of the panel. The choice of 22 point is also huge. The next size down is 16 point which is too small. The scaling options make no difference. Reverting Cinnamon-themes to 1.7.2 looks normal. Would it be possible to add 18 and 20 point icons sizes? Either that or fix the scaling options.

Cinnamon-session has added a red shutdown button. I also use the timer with this option (in case I forget to exit an application and have time to cancel). It now resembles a destructive countdown timer... Could you please add an option to turn this off? Reverting to Cinnamon-session 3.8.2 removes the “red detonation” button.

Cinnamon-menus has extended the search box to fill the whole of the menu - why? You will never need 95% of the box because the menu options start to appear as you type. e.g. Type “lib” in the search box and up will appear all of the LibreOffice suite. This just feels clunky and unnecessary. Could you add an option to choose the size of the search box or revert it back?

Additionally the favourites menu is now truncated - I had to change the height to 660px in order to get the menu to display all my favourites. I get that this might be better for laptops but definitely not desktops with monitors. Wouldn’t it make more sense to dynamically calculate this based on screen resolution? Reverting to Cinnamon-menus 3.8.2 fixes this.
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Re: Cinnamon 4.0.2 Issues

Post by smurphos »

Out of interest how are you testing Cinnamon 4.x? (On Mint via an unofficial PPA,, self-build or in Arch/Manjaro/Fedora?) Also where does the Cinnamon-themes package come from? Do you mean mint-themes?

Issues should be reported here -

Hint re the stock menu - the favourites box is scrollable now - it's also had quite a few fixes since the last tagged release. The current master works quite well with a 200px height and lots of favourites.

Xpad - yep the windows decorations are a bit glitchy when first switched on. Resizing the xpad after the first time they are switched on seems to resolve the issue ongoing. I've not been able to get xpad to crash cinnamon in either Manjaro or Mint 19 + PPA. Edit - yes I can by repeatedly toggling window decorations on and off..

Hint re the panel - to get a 3.8 look try setting a horizontal panel height of 30, right icon size to 16px and everything else to optimal. You can also tweak actual symbolic icon sizes in the Themes module (i.e make 16 display as 18 or 20)
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