StarkMenu issues with Cinnamon 4.0

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StarkMenu issues with Cinnamon 4.0

Post by ImpWarfare »

Not sure how to get in touch with the developer but if anybody is available on github could the developer be alerted to a problem with the StarkMenu app? When using the up-to-date version of StarkMenu on Cinnamon 4.0 on Arch Linux under the preferences options menu under the section "Quicklauncher" and then "Quicklauncher applications" the actual layout which I set doesn't keep nor works with cinnamon 4.0 I've had it set to look very similar to Windows 7 start menu but on Arch it didn't work and defaults back to default configuration and is slightly buggy with it I have nothing set in the Quicklauncher Places but the same configuration from the previous version should work with the up-to-date version but it doesn't. Sorry, can't provide screenshots since I'm now using stable Linux Mint 19 but would appreciate it if anybody has Arch installed that they try it with cinnamon and report it back to the developer to fix before the 19.1 release with cinnamon 4.0.
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Re: StarkMenu issues with Cinnamon 4.0

Post by zcot »

This one?

Not sure if it is even supposed to work on Arch.

But development is in the cinnamon-spices-applets section in linuxmint github repo: ... NikoKrause

you could click the 'issues' tab and search for bug? you can put CinnVIIStarkMenu@NikoKrause in filter and find open or closed bugs? or report it and include applet name in title?
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