New Feature Request 4 Logout

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New Feature Request 4 Logout

Post by gh4wi »

Linux Mint has a Menu for Startup Programs and Scripts.
Please add a new feature to do the same for tasks to be run at Logout, prior to shutdown or reboot.
That way one can automatically run a clean up tool (such as Bleachbit) prior to shutdown or reboot.
Linux Kubuntu has this feature and I find it really useful.
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Re: New Feature Request 4 Logout

Post by rene »

I'd agree that would be sensible functionality.

For anyone hitting on this tread: we can currently do this by hanging things off of the display manager. In the Mint 18+ case with LightDM you add to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf a line e.g.

Code: Select all

and create an executable script /etc/lightdm/ consisting of for example

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[ -x "$HOME/.lightdm_logout" ] && exec /usr/bin/sudo -u "$USER" "$HOME/.lightdm_logout"
/etc/lightdm/ itself is run as root by LightDM and relays, if it exists, to an also executable script ~/.lightdm_logout run as the user who just logged out.

Looked at this due to wondering if it wasn't already possible even if not nicely configurable, but I'd agree this functionality makes for a sensible counterpart to Application Startup configuration within Cinnamon itself.
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