Please Dont Change from Noto Fonts to Ubuntu

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Please Dont Change from Noto Fonts to Ubuntu

Post by HarryHouTX »

Spent some time reading the Linux Mint 19.2 Roadmap at:

One item stood out:
"switch to ubuntu fonts?"

Please, please don't do that!!
Ubuntu looks okay on the vanilla GNOME theme, window titles, panels, notifications, etc.
But that is because they are so large.
Noto is much better suited for the Cinnamon interface. Using Ubuntu's fonts at a smaller size they do not look so good.
And finally, my last argument for staying with Noto is the fantastic language support.
Please, let's stay with something that has been working for Cinnamon.

Best Regards,
- Harry W. Haines, III
Now in Kingsport, TN but I can't change my user name.
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Re: Please Dont Change from Noto Fonts to Ubuntu

Post by Pierre »

Hi Harry - you can PM the forum.admin & get them to change your Forum Name
Please edit your original post title to include [SOLVED] - when your problem is solved!
and DO LOOK at those Unanswered Topics - - you may be able to answer some!.
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