Prompting for username and password when connecting to eduroam

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Prompting for username and password when connecting to eduroam

Post by Fifis »

For students, setting up their eduroam in any European country is not easy at all. Whereas Windows 10 prompts for the username and password and connects in an instant, on Linux Mint, the connection fails silently, and since it fails, there is no way to configure it later in Network Settings because it does not appear there! I have received multiple complaints from students who could not connect and who could not go online in order to search for connection help!

One has to go to Network Connections, add a new one and go through the not-so-obvious setup:
Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication: PEAP
Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
Username and password...
Wait, why does it not allow me to connect? That should be it... Ah, ‘No CA certificate is required’!

To sum it up, eduroam connection failure → no chance to set it up easily → bad. Is it possible that the Network Manager prompts for credentials whenever such a connection fails?
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