Little feature request for xed

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Little feature request for xed

Post by efes »

Hi! It would be nice if the opened "Highlight mode" window ( it is in the "View" menu) has instant autofocus on the top text field, which allows the text input for the desired programming language.
autofocus shuold appear here
autofocus shuold appear here
xed_autofocus_request.png (18.03 KiB) Viewed 682 times
I always start typing, when I open this panel, and it is very frustrating to reach for the mouse and make an extra click :)
Thanks indeed!
Regards: eFeS
with Mate since 2010
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Re: Little feature request for xed

Post by xenopeek »

That's a good suggestion (Gedit works as you say, focusing the search field in highlight mode selector when opening it) but not the right place to make it. Suggestions for Xed (or any other programs) are best made to the developers here: After registering an account you make create a new issue there.
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