Acer Nitro AN15-51 linux mint support

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Acer Nitro AN15-51 linux mint support

Post by sobhan94 »

hello friends!!!!!
i'm new to the world of linux and started using mint as a friend suggested it to me..
it is a really great Linux distro but i have an issue with hardware support for my laptop..

please do enable support for Acer nitro 5 AN15-51.
i would really be greatful to my fellow developers
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Re: Acer Nitro AN15-51 linux mint support

Post by Raycoupe »

Welcome fellow Newbie!

But this is not the develloper's subforum, your request is futile here.
People are willing to help you with any concrete issues you have with your hardware and Linux Mint.

Edit: Since my reply, the topic was moved from hardware to this subforum
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Re: Acer Nitro AN15-51 linux mint support

Post by xenopeek »

Linux Mint doesn't do Linux kernel (driver) development. It would up to Acer and its suppliers to contribute driver code for their components to the Linux kernel.

If you have any specific issues with your hardware that you need help with make a new topic for those in the support section of the forum.
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