some suggestion for the next cassandra kde edition

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some suggestion for the next cassandra kde edition

Postby lorenzolorenzo » Sat Jun 02, 2007 12:44 pm

hi, people, i've some suggestions for the next release of linux mint kde edition 'cassandra'.

first suggestion:
i like dolphin, and it will be the default file manager in kde4, why don't we make him the default fm also in this release?

second suggestion:
firefox is great, powerful and it has a lot of addons, themes and functions. but it have some defects: it is heavy... and it is written in gtk... gtk styles, with gtk-qt-engine seems like qt, but firefox start quite slow. kde has a great web browser: konqueror, his engine (khtml) is used also in safari... it is written in qt and it is completely integrated in kde. why don't we use it as default browser?

third suggestion:
kontact is one of the better app i know, but it is an app that comprend a lot of other apps... a desktop user, i think, is intrested in a little part of the kontact function: we can install kmal as default mail client, and if someone need an organizer we can add korganizer... little apps are better than one big complete (but confused) app. ( my opinion...)

fourth suggestion:
kopete. i use kopete as im client. i use it for msn, yahoo and jabber. kopete is great, and have a lot of useful funtions. but i find in kde-apps a patch for kopete. it seem very intresting. it add to kopete the emoticon manager, like windows live messenger, or amsn. and another good plugin show what amarok is playing...

fifth suggestion:
in cassandra, there is installed beryl and compiz... we can give to konsole, katapult yakuake, and many other apps the real transparency... the most of the kde apps that permit the fake transparency background are ready for the real transparency and eliminating 5 code line in source code the will work with real transparency. :D

sixth suggestion:
anyone need a terminal when he has a lot of other windows opened? yakuake is a great idea! yakuake is a terminal like quake menu that slide down when you press F12... it would be a good addon in next kde based linux mint release. and it can be skinned with the linux mint look and fell... add it :wink:

seventh suggestion (i think all yesterday how can i help the linux mint develop):
knetworkmanager is a great program, but why not make it a kicker applet like notworkmanager frontend for gnome?

eighth suggestion (the last, now):
create a linux mint theme for emerald... when i start beryl on cassandra yesterday, the red window decorations (emerald default theme) were awful, in front of the great green-blue look'n'feel of cassndra desktop... and i decide to use the gtk decorator...

i hope that these suggestion would be appreciated, and i hope that cassandra kde come soon.

bye bye

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