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SMART Package Manager

Postby BlahBlah_X » Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:52 pm

Okay so most mint users know that .deb and apt are great for getting software.

Well, what if there was a more foolproof way to install .deb using apt and dpkg?


SMART is a package manager that strives to be a foolproof and intuitive method of installing your systems native software such as urmpi, .deb, rpm, Slackware, etc.. (Mint uses .deb).

For .deb, SMART can install them by using APT (like Synaptic) or DPKG (like Gdebi, except SMART does a much better job than Gdebi).

The best thing is, it can coexist with tools such as Synaptic, Aptitude, and MintInstall.

I have been testing it recently and it is great. The GUI tool isn't perfect yet, but its pretty good. SMART has installed some downloaded .deb files when Gdebi has failed.

I think that it is new and fresh, just like Mint, and that it brings users one step closer to a all-in-one software installer.

Im also pretty sure that with some tinkering, it would work wiht .mint files. That would be cool.

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Re: SMART Package Manager

Postby scorp123 » Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:07 pm

BlahBlah_X wrote:Meet SMART.
I use "smart" on SUSE and compared to "apt" / "dpkg" / "aptitude" / Synaptic it's slow as molasses.

On Debian-like distros I'd stick to "apt", "dpkg" and Synaptic. Distros like SUSE and Fedora are definitely in need of a better package manager, and "smart" does a super job there. But Debian-based distros really don't have that problem I think.

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