Window Placement Inconsistencies ?

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Window Placement Inconsistencies ?

Post by noobloo »

I'm currently using Xfce and just noticed lately that some of my windows do not open in the center of the screen as I have it set in the Window Manager Tweaks > Placement. I did a quick search and found a post from a user about Thunar mis-behaving in this way. The post replies suggested moving a slider ('Minimum Size') to 'Large' and apparently that fixed the problem. No, I do not understand exactly what that does.

Anyhoo, I tried this (moved it to about the middle) and as far as I can tell it solved the issue for all the windows that were opening in the top left of the screen where I did not want them. This also includes new windows within Lightning (my calendar) Yay ! If I had this problem my guess is other new users have also had it and may be clueless about what is going on.

Suggestion: Maybe the default setting in a new install could be changed (set the slider higher) in order to eliminate or at least minimize this little annoyance :)
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