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Feature Request

Postby Bwood1962 » Sat Aug 04, 2007 10:04 pm

First I would like to commend everyone for such a great distro, Linux Mint is great. I've used Linux for several years and Mint has the best overall package I have seen. Currently I am running 2 machines with Mint, one I use as a music server and have Grub set up to triple boot Mint, Yoper, and Dynebolic. The other is a dual boot Mint & Windows box.

1. A good addition to the mentMenu would be to expand the function of the test box that is currently linked to the Beagle search. How about adding a frame around the text box and add three icons. One icon would be highlighted which indicates the active function of the text box. The default icon when highlighted would make the text box search the computer with Beagle like normal. Highlight another icon to send the text box data to an internet search engine of the users choice. The third highlighted icon would expand the text box and run as a terminal. This would be great for sudo commands.
2.On the mintMenu add scroll arrows to the top and bottom of the menus which would scroll when the mouse is over the arrow.
3.Start working on a mintTV utility to help people set up their TV cards. Easy setup of TV cards is the only part of the Mint system that is not able to surpass windows.
4.Add wine to the install program and have it configured to run as many windows games and software as possible. I have talked to several young people who would like to use Linux but they do not feel they can run their games. People also do not want to lose use of the software they have already paid for. This would help in the transition to Linux.

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Postby kcirick » Sat Aug 04, 2007 10:09 pm

I wouldn't want wine to be installed by default. One of the things I like about Mint is that it installs minimal amount of packages, so you only have to download 1 CD (unlike most other distros, which requires you to download an entire DVD).

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