"The adventure of a Linux Mint installation Wednesday night"

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Re: "The adventure of a Linux Mint installation Wednesday ni

Post by bodo.gabor »

Yesterday night I had an adventurous installation of PostgreSQL :)

First I uninstalled it using the Software Manager tool, but it changed almost nothing. Playing with the PqAdmin I observed that the installation changed the port from 5432 to 5433. Changing back, PqAdmin could connect to the DB but the Software Manager also changed the password, so I decided to uninstall it. But this remained only on the level of decision, because I had no idea how to do it. I made a search in the file manager (nautilus?) after PostgreSQL and I started to delete the files, until one of the files was an uninstaller. It was hidden somewhere in/opt/lib. I launched, but it showed me a lot of errors, most probably because of the previously deleted files. ... I think it wasn't the best idea ever to delete the files. :) I tried to reinstall from the software manager, but showed me a lot of errors, far to boring to pay attention on them. Then I saw that phppqadmin is still installed in the software manager. I uninstalled it, again with a lot of errors :)

I downloaded again the original postgresql file and installed. Now it is working and I am happy :)

I am definitely not a nerd, but I have to learn a few things if I want to be able to control the situation. My goal is to set up an environment for Python+PostgreSQL development where I can hire some programmers to work for me. Of course I want to solve this as cost effective in long term as possible. So I wouldn't like to invest in expensive server park and licenses if it is not absolutely necessary. My idea is, to use an Amazon Cloud with Mint as a developer server and the programmers will log in there and do their job. (I suppose that it is possible to have multiple concurrent users in the same time in Mint) For this I need: PostgreSQL, Python, Bazaar, PIDA ... I am not a developer, nor an infrastructure guy. So if I need something else, please tell me. :)

Thanks for the tip with the "mouse focus", now it is ok.

I also found out that with Rhymbox the media control bar is working perfectly! The video player must be the guilty for not using it :)

UT2003 still an issue but I found OpenTTD so right now I am happy :)

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Re: "The adventure of a Linux Mint installation Wednesday ni

Post by Fred »


Good luck on your Linux journey. If you approach it as a learning experience you will succeed.

I am sure if you are old enough to be out of grade school you have heard the old saying, "time is money." If you want infrastructure set up quickly and efficiently you either fall back on your own knowledge or hire someone qualified to do it for you. This applies not only to Windows but Linux as well. Just try not to get your business needs and your self educating learning experiences too intertwined. Both endeavors have entirely different goals and time lines. :-)

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and each time expecting a different result.

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