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Better Boot screens

Post by Darkelve »


I would like to have a nicer graphical bootscreen, especially for Grub bootloader where you can pick between operating systems. Mandriva and SUSe do it nice I think. Also I don't want to see any text on the screen unless I choose to see it by pressing 'Esc' or 'F2'... and finally maybe make the Gnome loading screen a bit nicer.

Having those incomprehensible lines of text scroll by will make former Windows user nervous when they see it... better to just give them nice graphical screens. Also I'm not nervous anymore, but I prefer NOT to see the text, just a progress bar, unless something is broken.
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Post by scorp123 »

katasuka wrote:in my opinion grub sucks royally, grub doesnt support to my knowledge any decent splash for it.
You are not informed correctly.
katasuka wrote:with lilo u just /sbin/lilo and bam its installed again. this can be done easily from almost any linux livecd with chroot.
Same with grub. :wink:
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Better Boot Screens

Post by Sorensei »


New to Mint, and I enjoy it a lot now - but I must admit that I have to second Darkelve regarding the boot screen.

The first impression I had after the HDD install was the text at boot - and I hadn't seen it for a while unless I'd selected the verbose mode (I've a dualboot with SUSE) - it felt a bit like going backward.

It's a detail, but it would add a more "finished" look. :wink:

I'm still exploring it for now, but this is a very nice distro - I'm seriously thinking of switching to Mint as my main OS...

Keep up the good work!
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