[SOLVED] Internet Explorer in Software Manager

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[SOLVED] Internet Explorer in Software Manager

Post by 00Teddie »

There are still some of us people who would like to use Internet Explorer, so maybe add that to the Software Manager, with a notice saying that you need wine, but I dont know I cant get it to work, maybe someone else can?
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Re: Internet Explorer in Software Manager

Post by viking777 »

You're taking the piss, you must be. My wife is a Windows junkie, but even she rejects IE.
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Re: Internet Explorer in Software Manager

Post by bobcollard »

Internet Explorer is integrated into Windows. If you want it, dual boot with Windows.
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Re: Internet Explorer in Software Manager

Post by vrkalak »

@ 00Teddie

You have made several posts concerning Internet Explorer within Linux.

First off . . . GNU/Linux is not Windows ... it does not act like Windows.
They are totally different Operating Systems ... not compatible nor interchangeable.
Not saying one is any better than the other ... only different.

IE is made by MicroSoft for Windows.
IE is not compatible with any other Operating System.
Yes, you can use IE through an App like Wine.

Internet Explorer WILL NOT be implemented into GNU/Linux and Open Source. This is not even up for discussion.
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Re: [SOLVED] Internet Explorer in Software Manager

Post by utsuwa »

Man, just google for ie4linux. It is easy to install it and use it. I did without any problem. I thought I needed it for a thing at work. Turned out I can use opera instead.

But if you are not forced to use IE, then I don't know why would you want to.

EDIT: ah, read your other posts on the topic. Yeah, ie4linux will not work for you in mint 9... best of luck. But spoofing the websites with firefox, opera or others might help.
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