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Post by burjans »

¿What do you think about to create LMDE Anti-X?, include fluxbox and icewm in one ISO

I hope Linux Mint Team like the idea






Based on Debian Testing :D
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Re: LMDE Anti-X

Post by secipolla »

Mint Fluxbox will be based on Debian already.
I don't think having two different window manager would make sense for it as there are already other Mint editions with other desktop environments and the most important is that the WM/DE used is well configured. I don't know who respins Mint Fluxbox but the person may even know about antiX already.
The full edition of antiX, the one that includes both window managers, is interesting IMO as an introductory Linux distro because it includes a lot of stuff, including redundant stuff and has applications lightweight enough to run on older machines.
Also antiX uses the Debian testing repositories but has a lot of influence from MEPIS in the way it's setup (like live-CD and installation).

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