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I Wish...

Post by karlox » Sun Jan 28, 2007 10:17 am

I have dsl internet and worked great with Linux Mint but i cant forget all the people that doesnt have internet in their homes , maybe in their cities or countries.
Can Linux Mint have a CD that serves as a Repository of updated files for these people can mantain an updated installation without the internet access.???
Of course we can have a dvd version but its not fair with most of the people on earth who cant paid for the dvd burner and dsl.
The Movement "A laptop for every child is thinking of using linux as a OS , why doesnt Linux Mint can be used for that?

Another thing: i changed my mind , Mint must have only one desktop , and i think the best is gnome , we can install KDE programs and in the CD have more space for programs.


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