Totally automated Kernel install/compile/recompile

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Totally automated Kernel install/compile/recompile

Postby bodycode » Mon Dec 31, 2007 4:48 pm

Hi. An absolutely great feature found on Libranet 3.0 by Tal Danzig, found in it's "AdminMenu", was to have the ability to be able to install a new, or select and recompile a current or available kernel, simply by selecting it as a menu choice. The script would then open up a dialog box, allowing the user to configure the kernel using a qt dialog box, and, when done (by selecting finished) recompile AND install the kernel, perfectly, as a bootable kernel, just like the rest of the kernels a user usually sees in a Grub boot screen. As far as I can tell, Libranet is the only distro that has this! It would be wonderful if Linux Mint to be the 2nd. distro on the planet to have this built in, just as Libranet did.

Kerneler, a nice utility to do just that, is available as No, I'm not advertising, nor am I affiliated with the the program. But it works great the last time Iused it on my Debian system, and it's designed for Debbie systems as well.


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