Would like to see a "Remote Desktop" on install CD

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Would like to see a "Remote Desktop" on install CD

Post by KiwiRider » Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:34 am

Hey there.

Currently doing my first Mint install right now (Katya LXDE (20110614) if anyone's interested) on a laptop with a broken screen so using external monitor. Normally use Ubuntu but on this particular beast Ubuntu won't handle an external monitor properly. Mint looks good.

Anyway, when I'm doing installs, esp on days like today where I've got slow internet due to overuse for the month, I like to get Remote Desktop running then turn off any monitors and do the rest of the install over the lan. Other distros I've used in the past have a Remote Desktop program available on the install CD. Mint is the first one I've used that doesn't appear to have this.

It is a nice way to be able to do the install, and I would love to see it added to (or more visible in) future versions, especially when I'm on a slow link and not really needing to touch the machine for an hour or few while it downloads packages.


(Long term Linux user, Mint newbie)

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