SUGGEST: write automatic/dynamic config details to file(s)

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SUGGEST: write automatic/dynamic config details to file(s)

Postby SaintDanBert » Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:47 pm

So much of current systems use device detection and automatic configuration ... and POOF!! a miracle happens (most of the time). For those cases when things are not quite right or when one needs to tinker with the generated configuration details it might be nice to have those details recorded in files somewhere on disk.

All sorts of information is available from various lsXXXX utilities and system log files. However, one must do quite a lot of searching and integrating of details from a lot of sources to get a coordinated picture of one's system.

My thoughts keep coming to some sort of XML-like file that records what gets discovered and details that are learned while detecting things. A log-like file might then contain a record of configuration parameters and details relative to each detected thing. (The log contents might already appear scattered through existing log files. If so, this suggestion might simply improve on what is already going on in content or in organization.)

Just a thought,
~~~ 0;-Dan
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