Gnome shell menu suggestion

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Gnome shell menu suggestion

Postby psychorat » Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:50 am

As a long term user of Mint, i want first of all to thank the community and the mint team for their great work and contribution all these years.
Im using the new Mint 12 gnome for a couple of days and i have a suggestion to make for the gnome shell menu (aka activities).

Right now, when you click on it, you get a window list expo style but when there are no windows on desktop, you get a empty space.
I think it might be better if the menu brings up the Applications menu instead, if no windows exists. Or maybe it can be optional like the old Mint menu default view favorites/application option

I dont know if its possible to change it as is a part of gnome, but i also know that in linux world nothing is impossible :)

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Re: Gnome shell menu suggestion

Postby ernestj » Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:41 pm

I agree with this suggestion. If you click the infinity symbol, why not just open the applications and then one more click on the icon starts the app. Fewer clicks = more functionality. As far as seeing the open windows, well, that brings up another issue; window control. Also, maximize and minimize. I do a lot of work with windows side by side. Window management seems to be a weak point in GNOME 3. I have gotten used to using a dock. Currently I use AWN. Window control should be controlled by the dock. especially when there are multiples of same applications open. It would be great to see a window preview. Do hate me, but I am talking like Unity.

Anyways, to click on the infinity symbol and then get a window that has an option for windows or applications, just does not make sense. Have the symbol open up the application view.

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