Installation suggestion- Bluetooth Keyboard/mouse

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Installation suggestion- Bluetooth Keyboard/mouse

Postby fatlazyone » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:49 pm

I am a Newbie to linux, and over the past months have tried Ubuntu in several incarnations, Fedora and Puppy All not just right. During Installation of Linux Mint 12 to the HDD the installer picks up that I have a Bluetooth keyboard mouse - Logitech Dinovo Edge. This is the only installer to do so out of all the others. But he is the downer it asks me to click on the yes button to install it, but i cant because the keyboard will not work until i install it! catch 22.

My suggestion is make it connect automatically to any HID it finds without any input.

If this is not possible then I suggest you very prominently list on your installation guide that a wired keyboard and mouse is needed to complete install.

Thank You for you time and a very neat and clean install other than this issue.


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