Add GrubPass to Linux Mint Features

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Add GrubPass to Linux Mint Features

Postby ASmith » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:19 am

While there are perhaps a dozen ways a common thief or nefarious agency can bypass the common unencrypted username/passphrase login screen on the Linux Mint distributions which does not yet offer full disk encryption in its installation setup, adding the small optional app named GrubPass is a significant step forward to close that lapse in Security and makes it more difficult to bypass a username/passphrase Mint login and to access the unprotected files and information that is stored.

Password Protect Your Grub2 with Grubpass on Ubuntu/Linux Mint [1]

In the Linux Mint Terminal enter:

Code: Select all


sudo dpkg -i grubpass.deb

Now start Grubpass with following command:

sudo grubpass


Note: There is no echoing when you type in your Grub2 password [enter] and repeat password [enter] so keep that in mind. You also might want to choose to Protect OTHER OSes [OSS] Command if you have a dual-boot OS feature to first test your new Grub2 user/password feature. After satisfying yourself on it's function then you might then wish to chose the 'all' command for maximum security.

Couple this feature with setting your Bio's Password and forcing your computer or laptop to boot-up 1st. with your hard-drive to effectively cut-off common attempts by a thief booting up another OS to bypass your Linux-Mint password protected system.

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