Send To, Unblok files blocked by other process, est

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Yurij Mikhassik, Ukraine

Send To, Unblok files blocked by other process, est

Postby Yurij Mikhassik, Ukraine » Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:41 pm

Preview: Send To, Unblock files blocked by other process, est
Hi, Mint is Great and I think there some points we can do better for all Gnome distros to

It's not mostly by the mint but very often in linux we see annoying massage - Can't unmount, can't rename, can't move.. ets and it take time to figure out what process is blocking file of device.. sometimes only reboot helps.. why not to show any "force" button or list of process which block file?

And again windows users - blondie girls often even don't understand how to obtain any root rights.. command line "sudo" ets is so hard and unnecessary.. can we just propose in message: "Access denied. You have no rights to open file ...." "Ok", "Open as administrator"... I mean if i need to change the file please help me .. the button to open files and folders as root can be settled in right click menu..


Sometimes we Just need to send file from desktop to USB drive... please add it to right click menu.. send files to Home directory folders can be also useful.. It will be much easier to clean desktop from files downloaded from internet, LAN, Drives..

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