USB WiFi Adapter Information

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USB WiFi Adapter Information

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Mods: You are welcome to sticky this topic as it should be good information that will stand the test of time. This information is already a sticky in the appropriate Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS forums and has been for some time. I figure that since my favorite distro is Linux Mint that the info should be here as well.


1. USB_WiFi_Adapter_Information_for_Linux

2. USB_WiFi_Adapters_that_are_supported_with_Linux_in-kernel_drivers

3. The_Short_List

4. iw_list - adapter technical information

5. USB_WiFi_Adapter_out-of-kernel_drivers_for_Linux

6. USB_WiFi_Chipsets

7. How_to_Modeswitch

8. How_to_Install_Firmware_for_Mediatek_based_USB_WiFi_adapters

9. How_to_Build_a_Bridged_Wireless_Access_Point

10. Monitor_Mode

The mission of this site is provide useful information to those that use USB WiFi adapters or those who wish to purchase adapters. The site is maintained by me and a few helpful folks. We do this to help others and we make no money from the effort. The hope is that the site is useful and far more accurate than some "Best USB WiFi Adapter" articles you will see on the web.


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